If you are ready to get High-Speed Internet with SpeedEnet.com you can schedule it yourself by filling in the form below and paying the one-time setup fee via Paypal.

1.  First go to our “Tower Coverage Map” and verify that you are in our coverage area.   If you’re not sure contact us using our Contact Us page.  Provide us with your street address, email and phone number and we’ll contact you with the answer.

2.  Next look over our “Pricing” page and find the plan that is best for you.  The $34.95/mo “Movie Ticket” plan is our most popular.   We have NO contracts so you can change to a different plan at any time.

3.  Using the calendar below pick an available install date and time. (No longer using)

4.  Then click on the “Schedule this time” button at the bottom of the page and pay the one-time setup fee.  Fees Start at $149.95 for Basic installs with true line-of-sight installs and $299.95 for Non-line-of-sight installs such as through trees etc.   Use our “Contact Us” page with your address to find out which you qualify for.  90% of our installs are at $149.95.

5.  The installer will come out on the scheduled time within one hour to get you installed and connected to your computer via a FREE Wireless Router that we provide to you at no cost.   There are No rental fees or other charges with our Basic Setup.  *Extra setup fees may apply if additional equipment is required to get you signal but the installer will let you know before the installation so you can choose it you wish to continue.  Additional charges are  based on actual cost of the additional equipment only.

6.  Finally, enjoy your new High speed Internet that is setting a new standard in quality at a very competitive price.


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